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In the field of manufacturing, Gabrian International, with offices in United States, China and India, have a unique and compelling business model to share with our customers as we are not only a manufacturer’s representative, but also have equity stakes with all of our core manufacturing partners. Our goal is to become our customer’s one-stop shop for manufacturing needs.

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Gabrian International, with offices in United States, China and India, is ready to assist any companies wishing to explore manufacturing opportunities… Learn More

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I give you my personal guarantee that you will receive the most professional and personal service. You can contact me directly on my personal email address and I will get straight back to you.

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Gabrian is well-positioned to offer our clients a range of professional support services as attested to by our relationships with many leading international brands… Learn More

Concept2, inc. Has partnered with Gabrian International since 2007 to develop successful, long term supply relationships with asian manufacturers in a variety of industries – from electronics to metal fabrications to plastics. Concept2 has found the manufacturers represented by Gabrian International to afford an ideal combination of fit and value, including quality consistency, on-time delivery, customer service and cost. Gabrian International is a highly regarded resource in the Concept2 supply chain.

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