Custom Plastic Injection Molding Services

Work With Suppliers in China or India and Get On-the-Ground Support
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Ardent Concepts (An Amphenol Company)
Concept 2
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Work With Offshore Suppliers and Maintain Peace of Mind

We partner with highly qualified manufacturers in Asia and work to ensure top-notch quality. With on-the-ground quality control, US-based points of contact, and simplified logistics, we guarantee seamless communication and hassle-free shipping. We transform your ideas into tangible products.

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High-Quality Injection Molded Parts From China or India

Our dedicated quality team ensures excellence in every aspect of our plastic injection molding services. With meticulous attention to detail, we maintain comprehensive part documentation. We conduct rigorous inspections, scrutinizing your parts against dimensional details and drawings to guarantee unmatched quality and precision.

What Our Customers Say:

"Concept2 has found the manufacturers represented by Gabrian International to afford an ideal combination of fit and value, including quality consistency, on-time delivery, customer service, and cost."

- Glenn Dwyer, Supply Chain Director

Concept 2

"It has been a pleasure working with the Gabrian team. Communication has been on point without delay. Orders that were placed have arrived in a timely manner and quality has been to our standards."

- Connor Sproul

Ardent Concepts (An Amphenol Company)

"Despite not being their largest customer, I have received exceptional treatment and not been treated as a small customer. My contact has been outstanding in keeping me updated and facilitating important communication between myself and my fabricator in India."

- Joe Radebaugh

Boulevard Supply

Gabrian played an instrumental role in guiding us through our first days in China... Their experience and guidance in the market helped to mitigate what could have been a grueling proposition and helped make our transition into China a successful one.

Andrew Foster, Director of Operations

Using their knowledge of suppliers in mainland China, they helped us find excellent high-quality manufacturers at reduced cost. We were able to find suppliers faster and did not need to hire translators to show us around. I highly recommend using Gabrian’s expertise if you are considering expanding your supply base in China.

Dan Dion, Director of Purchasing


We have used Gabrian for several years now and have been very happy. We would like to praise Gabrian for their continued good quality and customer support.

Peter Fazzone, Royce Industries

Royce Industries, Inc.

Injection Molding Services for Diverse Industries

We proudly serve diverse industries like automotive, lighting, electrical transformers, and even toys. Our expertise lies in manufacturing plastic parts for these sectors, including glass-like components. We meet the unique specifications of each industry, ensuring heat resistance for lighting, electrical safety for transformers, and supplying high volumes of plastic parts for the toy industry.

Plastic valve cover


From intricate interior components to durable exterior parts, our plastic injection molding serves the automotive industry with precision and reliability.

LED light bulbs


We produce heat-resistant plastic parts for lighting applications, ensuring they withstand the high temperatures generated by LED bulbs.

Plastic current transformer


Our plastic injection molding ensures electrical safety with fully covered parts that withstand varying voltages without compromise.

Assorted plastic and other toys


We supply the toy industry with high-quality plastic parts, helping you bring imaginative designs to life in a safe and reliable manner.

Hassle-Free Plastic Injection Molding

Submit your 3D file, customize your project, compare pricing, and we’ll ensure superior quality. Enjoy effortless overseas shipping, and we can even handle logistics. We offer precision tooling based on exact dimensions, ensuring high-quality manufacturing.

1) Submit Your 3D File

Start the process by submitting your 3D file through our website. It’s all you need for us to begin the review process.

2) Customize and Compare

We’ll discuss your quantities, materials, and surface finishes to find the perfect combination for your project and budget. Compare pricing to make the optimal choice.

3) Mold Manufacturing

Once approved, our mold design partners create tooling based on the exact dimensions of your part. Advanced machining process ensure high-quality precision tooling.

4) Sampling

Validate your design with a prototype. Make adjustments before mass production, ensuring your plastic injection molded part meets perfection

5) Begin Mass Production

With your approval, our experienced team initiates mold making and injection molding. Every unit undergoes rigorous quality testing to meet superior standards.

6) Overseas Shipping

We handle logistics, packaging, and customs clearance to ensure seamless delivery of your plastic injection molded parts worldwide.

Get in Touch With Our Global Team

Contact our team today so that we can help transform your ideas into reality with our reliable and high-quality offshore plastic injection molding services.

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