Rolled Aluminum Products

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High-Quality Rolled Aluminum from India: Always Delivered On Time

When working with suppliers in developing countries, it is not unusual to experience quality, communication, and delivery issues. We help OEMs get the flat-rolled aluminum products they need at a lower cost than they would with domestic manufacturers. At the same time, our Western-managed team is easy to communicate with and ensures that your orders are always delivered on time and are up to your quality standards.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 4000 kgs (4.4 US Tons) per Size/Thickness

Rolled aluminum products being made in the factory

Great Quality at a Lower Cost

Our partnerships with ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing facilities in India and our in-house quality control team enable us to supply rolled products like aluminum sheet and foil, made to high standards but at a lower cost.

City skyline in Bangalore, India at sunset

Your On-the-Ground Presence in Asia

It’s not always feasible to set up an office near the factory to manage a supplier relationship. We act as an extension of your team at the facility and also have a U.S. presence in New Hampshire to help you ensure quality and delivery times.

Cargo ship loaded with containers on the water

Highly-Rated for On-Time Delivery

We’ve been working in Asia for over 20 years and our customers appreciate our ability to ensure the timely arrival of their orders. We consistently earn high marks in supplier evaluations and our customers often rate us as a “preferred” supplier.

A Wide Range of Aluminum Flat-Rolled Products

The rolling process allows for the creation of a wide variety of aluminum products with applications across a range of industries. From plain aluminum sheet for the architectural and transportation industries to closure stock for liquor and fruit juice bottles, the uses are endless.

Custom rolled aluminum coil

Plain Sheet & Coil

Cold-rolled sheets with uniform and bright surface finishes.

Patterned aluminum sheet with five bar pattern

Pattern/Checkered Sheet

Used for anti-skid flooring with five-bar and diamond patterns.

Custom rolled aluminum multi-slit coil

Multi-Slit Coil

Suitable for transformers and heat exchanger applications.

Rolled aluminum roofing sheet

Roofing Sheet

Lightweight roofing with a long lifespan and RMP, SDP or PVDF coating.

Aluminum circle blanks in a pile

Circle Blanks & Slugs

Well-suited to high-speed manufacturing lines and come in many sizes.

Aluminum foil trays made from SRC foil

Semi-Rigid Container (SRC) Foil

Made with virgin metal and to high quality standards.

Bare aluminum foil in the factory

Bare Foil

Made to your specifications for surface finish, thickness, and width.

Roll of household aluminum foil from aluminum foil roll manufacturer

Household Foil

For food packaging that matches your company’s specifications.

Aluminum closure stock for beverage containers

Closure Stock

Made to precise tolerances and can be run on high-speed machines.

Composite aluminum panels on the exterior of a building

Composite Panel

Comes with a bright finish and excellent dimensions for architectural projects.

Custom Rolled Aluminum Suppliers

With state-of-the-art foil and cold rolling mills and high-tech quality control systems, our partner manufacturing facilities offer a wide range of capabilities to suit the needs of many projects. Contact us to learn more.