Gabrian has partnered with some of the leading sheet metal fabrication and CNC machining companies in both China and India. Our range of capabilities runs from laser & plasma cutting, metal folding, CNC punching, CNC machining, welding and finishing.

We have extensive experience supplying to equipment manufacturers, automotive and aerospace companies, the life safety industry and a wide range of other manufacturers. Let us offer our expertise and years of experience to ensure your custom metal fabrication projects get the highest level of attention possible.

Complex Parts

Do you have a complex design? Critical tolerances? We work with you to solve any technical challenges before production, and deliver solutions as promised.


Fast Delivery

Urgency in production and prototyping is our daily business. We deliver your parts fast and in the expected quality to the United States, Europe, Australia, and all other parts of the planet.

Production Finishes

We aim to give you production quality finishes using sandblasting, polishing, painting, printing, powder coating and more. If you design to industry standards, we can do it.



We use the best equipment and personnel from around the world to insure we meet and exceed the highest international standards of quality.

We supply our clients with CNC Machined, Milled and Turned Components made from Forgings, Die Castings, Bar stock etc. We effectively serve our customers by providing them with quality, precision machined components. We do this by utilizing our extensive knowledge, experience and proven quality standards. We offer our machining expertise on small to large size parts on our state of the art Horizontal, Vertical & Turning CNC Centers and 5 axis equipment. All tooling and fixturing is designed and fabricated in house, which allows us to provide our clients with Rapid Development and prototyping services.

Milled Parts

CNC milling allows us to quickly and accurately machine your parts from the stock material of your choice, in either plastic or metal. 2D and 3D shapes are easily created to a high standard of accuracy and surface finish.

Turned Parts

A complete range of plastics, aluminum, steel, stainless, titanium, brass, copper can all be turned. Our CNC lathes enable high speed and high quality turning of both plastics and metals.