Gabrian’s magnetics and wire wound components division produces inductors, solenoids and toroids. We also make transformers up to 200 KVa, planar transformers up to 3 KVa, power supplies up to 4 KW and power converters to 1 KW.

Founded in 1989, we received our first UL-listed product approval in 1990 and have had UL insulation systems, Class B, F and H certification since 1994. In addition, we’re ISO 9001 certified and ROHS compliant.

Our daily capacity is 50K wirewound components. Our integrated manufacturing process includes plastic injection molding and metal fabrication so we can provide fully-finished and enclosed components. Two Amada CNC machine centers allow us to produce transformer cabinets up to 2 meters in height.

In 2014 we established a new low-cost manufacturing center in Guangxi, China, that allows us to maintain market leadership while keeping our competitive pricing.

Here is Our Production Capacity

Transformers & Inductors

Gabrian’s magnetics divisions design and manufacture custom and standard inductors, transformers, coils, toroid magnetics, chokes and custom designed magnetic components.

Power Supplies & DC/DC Converters

We are able to produce power supplies to the highest standards in terms of power, performance, efficiency, protection, approvals compliance and cooling for a multitude of application requirements.

Power System for Telecom Industry

Gabrian delivers an expansive portfolio of fully customisable systems designed to meet every telecommunication requirement, from access node to datacentre.

Solenoids & Wire Wound Components

We offer a large solution of Solenoids and Wire wound components for all our customers all over the world.