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High-Quality Aluminum Extrusions from India: Always Delivered On Time

Does your company have an ongoing need for extruded aluminum products? Gabrian International is an Asian sourcing solution for companies in a wide range of industries. We help you keep the cost of extrusion low through our partnerships with ISO 9001 extrusion facilities in India. We are able to offer you a diverse range of extrusion and fabrication services, provide great US-based customer service, and ensure product quality.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 1000 kg (1.1 US Tons) per shape

Extruded aluminum profiles laying on a cooling table inside the plant

Lower Manufacturing Costs

Producing extrusions domestically can be costly. By taking advantage of our Indian extrusion partnerships, you can lower your costs and still meet quality requirements. Our project team acts as an extension of your own team, saving you the expense of being physically on-site in Asia.

View of Bangalore city skyline at sunset

Western-Managed Team in Asia

For many companies, establishing an Asian footprint can be infeasible. Our professional and Western-managed project team is on-the-ground, acting as an extension of your own operations. We help ensure quality, order accuracy, smooth communication, and delivery times.

Cargo ship carrying containers

On-Time Delivery From India

Your business runs on a schedule. That means you don’t have time to deal with suppliers that are late with shipments. We understand this and have only partnered with the most reliable extruders. Our on-the-ground presence also helps us ensure that your products always ship on time.

Aluminum Extrusions: The Perfect Fit for Your Industry

Extrusion is a forming process for aluminum with applications in a wide range of industries. Aluminum profiles are used in everything from windows and doors to cars and X-ray machines. It allows you to take advantage of the metal’s many benefits, including its high strength-to-weight ratio, non-corroding properties, thermal conductivity, and recyclability. It also allows for lower tooling costs and shorter lead times.




Custom Extrusions, Standard Extrusions, and More

Aluminum profiles play an important role in modern manufacturing. They have applications in the architectural, automotive, electronics, aerospace, and other industries. The extrusion process can be used to make everything from windows and doors to heatsinks and electricals. Their high strength, low weight, and anti-corrosive properties make them ideal for building structures using either standard extrusions or T-slots.

Architectural aluminum profiles with various finishes

Custom Aluminum Extrusions

In the extrusion process, heated aluminum is forced through the shaped opening of a die. Custom dies can be created based on the profile you need the extrusion to have. Profiles can be anodized, powder coated, or receive other finishing. They can be drilled, cut, machined, stamped, and more.

A stack of square aluminum extrusion profiles

Standard Aluminum Extrusions

Extrusion shapes like channels, angles, or round/rectangular tubing can be very useful for building indoor and outdoor structures. They can also be used for basic architectural trims. We offer these profiles in a range of different alloys and with a variety of finishing options to choose from.

3D image of a T-slot profile with attached accessories

T-Slot Aluminum Extrusions

Slotted aluminum profiles allow you to create the structures you need in your workshop, without any welding required. Using a series of accessories such as bolts and fasteners, you can quickly and easily build machine guards, workstations, shelves, carts, enclosures and more.

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