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High-Quality Aluminum Extrusions From Asia: Made for the Electronics Industry

Aluminum extrusions play an important role in the electronics industry. Good thermal conductivity properties make them well-suited to many heat dissipation applications. In fact, extrusion is one of the most common methods of heatsink manufacturing. Another common application is electrical enclosures. Extruded aluminum enclosures are lightweight, non-magnetic, and non-sparking. At Gabrian International, we offer extrusion services through ISO 9001 certified facilities in India to help you reduce costs, maintain high quality and receive on-time shipments.

Extruded aluminum heatsink on a red printed circuit board

Standard or Custom Profiles

Browse our catalogs of stock shapes for the electronics industry and see if any are a fit for your needs. Otherwise, for OEM projects with well-defined requirements, a custom die can be created at a nominal cost. We produce extrusions up to 400mm in width, depending on various factors.

CNC milling machine with extrusion

Range of Fabrication Services

After extrusion, your profiles can undergo finishing, with services like anodizing, which improves corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and surface emissivity. They can also be cut, stamped, drilled, etc. or undergo CNC milling to turn heat sink fins into pins or achieve other design goals.

Shipments Delivered On Time

In the modern business environment, the importance of on-time delivery cannot be understated. We understand this and have formed partnerships with only the most reliable Indian manufacturers to better serve you. You will receive your shipments on time and exactly to your specifications.

Get the Profiles You Need for Your Application

In recent years, aluminum has gained popularity within the electronics industry. It offers good corrosion resistance, low weight, an attractive appearance, and other attributes that make it a good fit. There are many applications for extrusion, including heatsinks, metallic enclosures, LED lighting strips and more. Our stock shapes and custom extrusion capabilities enable us to supply you with the profiles your project requires.

Car amplifier with wires and enclosures

Extruded Aluminum Enclosures

LED lighting running along strip light channels

LED Strip Light Aluminum Channels

Top-Notch Extrusion Facilities in India

Are you looking to save costs, without skimping on quality and without the headaches that come from poor communication? Our partner extrusion facilities in India are top-of-the-line and have been fully vetted for quality. The facilities have top-notch equipment and personnel. Our Western-managed project team is on the ground in Asia to help ensure that your project flows smoothly. That way, you’ll get the profiles you expect on time and exactly to your specifications.

Custom Extrusion Capabilities

When it comes to electronics projects, one-size-fits-all options are not always adequate. Our custom extrusion and secondary operations give you the opportunity to get the exact extrusions you need for your project. If you have a custom extrusion design, we can help you save costs by manufacturing in India while still meeting all your specifications and quality requirements. Our partner extrusion facilities have complete tool & die shops, in-house foundries, surface finishing operations, and fabrication services to help you achieve your desired results.

Die Being Machined from H13 Steel

Dies & Tooling

For custom extrusion projects, dies are machined from H13 steel. Profiles can be extruded up to 400mm (15 3/4″) depending on shape, size and CCD. Tooling costs are generally between $800-$1600 with extrusion lead times of 1-2 weeks.

Newly-Created Aluminum Billets

Alloy & Temper

Depending on the needs of your project, an appropriate alloy can be selected for desired strength, corrosion resistance, and other properties. Alloys in the 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000, 6000 and 7000 series are produced at in-house foundries.

Profiles with Varied Finishing

Surface Finishing

Your choice of surface finish impacts both the appearance of your profiles and their level of corrosion resistance. We offer surface finishes such as anodization, powder coating and sublimation for wood-grain finish. This way you get the look you desire.

Extrusion Being Cut

Fabrication Services

After extrusion is completed, your profiles can undergo fabrication. Secondary services like drilling, cutting, or stamping can be performed in-house. This saves you time and the cost of doing these at your own facilities.

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