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Aluminum Extrusions for Aerospace Applications – Always Delivered On Time

Aluminum extrusions play an important role in the modern aerospace industry, thanks to their high strength-to-weight ratio and resistance to corrosion. We supply round extruded aluminum rods in 2024 and 7075 aluminum, two alloys commonly found in today’s aircraft. We also supply 6000 series extrusions for cabin interiors and light aircraft structural applications, extruded at ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities in India.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 500 kgs (0.55 US Tons) per shape

Coiled aluminum in factory

Hard Alloy Extruded Aluminum Rods

2024 and 7075 are both high-strength aluminum alloys which are often used in aircraft, particularly in the highly-stressed structures of aircraft wings and fuselages. Our extruded round rods can be used for a variety of applications.

Aluminum sheet on powder coating line

Custom Medium-Strength Extrusions

The 6xxx series has a wide range of general-purpose alloys that can be used for cabin interior applications. Due to their good strength and corrosion resistance properties, they are also used in the structures of light and homebuilt aircraft.

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High Quality & On-Time Delivery

It is of the utmost importance that your suppliers meet and exceed quality and delivery standards. Our Western-managed team is on the ground in India, working to ensure that your extrusions meet quality standards and are delivered on time.

Round Extruded Aluminum Rod – 2024 & 7075

These round bars/rods can be extruded in 2024 or 7075 aluminum. These alloys are common in the aerospace industry for applications such as gears, shafts, and support pins. 2024 aluminum’s primary alloying element is copper, giving it high strength and fatigue resistance. 7075 aluminum’s primary alloying element is zinc and it has an ultimate tensile strength of 560 mpa(min). These round bars can be extruded up to 150mm in width.

AlloyUTS0.2% Proof Stress%Elong
2024 T3/T3510/T3511440 mpa(min)proof stress - 300 mpa(min)6%(min)
7075 T6560 mpa(min)proof stress - 500 mpa(min)5%(min)
202430mm to 150mm
707538mm to 150mm
AlloySiFeCuMnMgCrZnTiZr + Ti
20240.50 max0.50 max3.80~4.900.30~0.901.20~1.800.10 max0.25 max0.15 max0.20 max
70750.40 max0.50 max1.20~2.000.30 max2.10~2.900.18~0.285.10~6.100.20 max0.25 max

Custom Aluminum Extrusions in 6xxx Series Alloys

6xxx series aluminum alloys are often used for interior cabin applications as well as the wing and fuselage structures of light aircraft. We supply custom extruded profiles in these and other alloys, based on your drawings, and up to 400mm in width, depending on the shape, size, and CCD. To learn more about our capabilities, visit the custom aluminum extrusions page or reach out to us about your project.

Extrusion Facilities in India

Are you looking to save costs while working with high-quality suppliers that are reliable and ship on time? We’ve partnered with top-of-the-line extrusion plants in India that have ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management systems. They have top-notch equipment and personnel, and our Western-managed team is on the ground there to monitor output. We’ll ensure that your project flows smoothly and your order ships on time.

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