In today’s fast paced world, it seems as if technology is advancing every day.

Advancements in electronics are making major changes to the way we live. New medical technologies improve the quality of life for people with debilitating conditions.

Here are 3 new technologies with the potential to change people’s lives for the better:

#1 – Glasses That Are Helping the Legally Blind to See

Imagine what it’s like to not be able to see anything more than a few centimeters away from your face. You wouldn’t even be able to see the faces of your children or friends.

For some people this is a reality.

But a maker of high-tech eyewear named eSight is helping legally blind people to see the world like they never have before.

On their website you can see stories of lives that have changed for the better through the use of their eyewear. There’s Mark, an Air Force veteran who lost his eyesight during his service. He was able to see again after 20 years of legal blindness.

A nine-year-old girl named Emma never thought she’d be able to read and write. Now she can see just as well as her classmates.

#2 – A Handheld Microscope That Would Help Surgeons Locate Cancer Cells

The removal of cancer cells is serious business. Mistakes in surgery can lead to the removal of healthy tissues.

During surgery, surgeons typically send tissue samples to the pathology lab to be examined. The lab analyzes the tissue and then sends the results back to the operating room. But researchers are developing a handheld microscope with the hope of removing that step.

The device would allow surgeons to examine tissues in real time. A nearby computer analyzes the data so that it can be accessed instantly.

#3 – New Tattoo Removal Technology Gives Patients a Clean Slate

It’s normal to have regrets in life. For some people, their regrets come in the form of a permanent tattoo.

An ex-girlfriend’s name on their chest reminds them of someone they’d like to forget. An old gang symbol represents a life they would rather leave in the past.

Tattoo removal offers a chance to put these things behind them.

PicoSure, a picosecond laser, enables clinics to remove tattoos more effectively. With fewer treatments, doctors can help their patients to leave their regrets in the past where they belong.

Innovative thinking and hard work are pushing technology forward.

Bright minds are hard at work to solve the problems that exist in the world. With every problem that gets solved, more problems appear. As more and more problems get solved, technology advances.

Who knows where technology will be 20 years from now. There will probably be advances that we never even thought of.

For now, all we can do is focus on solving the problems of the day, and see where the future takes us!

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