The Internet of Things has seen incredible growth recently.

One of the key areas for IoT connected products is in home security. Many innovative new devices have been popping up on crowd funding sites. They bring home security products into the new world of home automation.

Here are 5 home security products that are taking us further into the IoT era.

#1 iSmartAlarm

iSmartAlarm is not a device, but a home security platform. Users can control all aspects of the system from their smartphone.

At the center of the system is CubeOne, which functions as the “brain.” It has a built in siren with 110 decibles of volume (Louder than a car horn). Other iSmartAlarm devices can be added to this flexible system. Users can add as many or as few devices as they wish.

Devices include:

  • Motion Sensor – Tracks movement inside the home.
  • iCamera – Allows you to control pan and tilt remotely as it streams video to your phone.
  • Contact Sensor – Detects the opening of windows and doors.
  • Smart Switch – Allows you to control lights remotely or set a schedule.

#2 BeON

BeON is a burglar deterrent system built into a smart light bulb.

BeON light bulbs learn your light usage patterns. When you are away it mimics them. It turns lights on and off in patterns that you would normally follow. When someone rings the doorbell, lights will come on throughout the house. The pattern they follow gives the illusion that you are home.

#3 Canary

Canary is a single device security system that can be controlled from your smartphone. Its features include:

  • HD camera
  • Motion detection
  • 90+ dB siren
  • Night vision
  • Monitors temperature and humidity in your home.

As soon as the device detects movement, it will alert you on your phone. It will then show you the video that it has captured from the event.

#4 Scout

Scout is another home security system that consists of multiple devices.

At its core is the Scout Hub, which connects all devices together. It can be connected to:

  • Access Sensor – Monitors the opening of windows, doors and cabinets
  • Door Panel – Same as the Access Sensor, but with the addition of key fob functionality. Tap your key fob on the door to quickly disarm it.
  • Motion Sensor – Detects any movement that occurs within a 25-foot range.

You can control everything from your smartphone. Scout also offers monitoring plans. Users can pay a monthly fee for 24/7 protection.

#5 Homeboy

Homeboy is a wireless security camera that starts recording when it detects movement. It will alert you on your smartphone and you can view its recordings.

You can also team up with friends who use the homeboy app. They can watch your back by receiving alerts about your home at the same time you do.

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