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High-Quality Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturing in India

At Gabrian International, we have been developing relationships with suppliers in Asia since 1995. In that time, we’ve built up a network of manufacturing partners who we work closely with for various services. The core of our extrusion business is in India, where we’ve partnered with two ISO 9001 certified extrusion companies. We have our own staff on-site there to monitor output and ensure your project’s success.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 1000 kg (1.1 US Tons) per shape

Overview of the Extrusion Facilities

We have two partner extrusion facilities in India. Together, they have a total of four plants and a combined installed capacity of over 150,000 MPTA. In addition, they both have in-house tool and die shops as well as in-house foundries with hot-top casting technology.

Facility #1 Stats

  • 9 presses across 2 plants
  • Press capacities range from 700 to 3000 metric tons
  • Profile width up to 300mm depending on shape, size & CCD
  • Alloys include 1050, 2014, 5052, 5086, 5083, 6063, 6101, 6351, 6061
  • Tempers include M, 0, T4, T5, & T6
  • In-house finishing services include sandblasting, anodizing, and powder coating
  • 8,000+ stock dies

Facility #2 Stats

  • 11 presses across 2 plants
  • Press capacities range from 750 to 4000 metric tons
  • Profile width up to 400mm depending on shape, size & CCD
  • Alloys include 1050, 1070, 1350, 2014, 2024, 3003, 3103, 5054, 5086, 6060, 6063, 6005, 6026, 6061, 6066, 6082, 6101, 6106, 6261, 6262, 6351, 7075
  • Tempers include O, T4, T5, T52, T6, T66, T6511
  • Finishing services such as powder coating, anodizing, and wood-look finishing can be done through a partner facility
  • 8,000+ stock dies

Primary Industries Served

Automobiles, Architectural, Construction, Aeronautics, Electronics & Electricals, Transmission & Distribution, Automation, Solar, Medical, Air Conditioning, Modular, Textiles, and More

Additional Extrusion Manufacturing Option Available in China

In addition to our Indian options, we also have a third partner located in China. Smaller than the Indian extruders, the facility houses 2 extrusion presses. It can be a good option for customers who have projects that involve a significant amount of secondary operations. Contact us if you are looking for a China option or would like more information.

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