Making PCBs in your home country can be cost prohibitive. That’s why many companies turn to Asia to manufacture the PCBs they need.

China is a major hub for electronics manufacturing. You’ll see spectacular cost savings by making your PCBs there. But the country is ripe with challenges. It’s left plenty of product developers in tears. Dealing with unexpected delays, low-quality goods and communication issues can drive a person crazy.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

For over 20 years we’ve been working with Chinese manufacturers. In that time we’ve learned quite a bit. Follow the suggestions below to make manufacturing in China a wonderful experience.

3 Tips for Manufacturing High-Quality PCBs in China

#1 Don’t Just Go for the Cheapest Price

China can be a mixed bag when it comes to quality. Some manufacturers offer outstanding quality. Others are so bad they’ll leave you crying in your sleep. In general, you can assume that if you’re being offered PCBs at a very low price point, there is a reason for it.

Cheap PCBs are more trouble than they’re worth.

First, figure out which potential partners can meet your quality needs and specifications. Then you can start thinking about price.

#2 Check Your Samples Carefully

When you receive a sample, you need to be sure that it is 100% what you need it to be. It should be a perfect representation of what your customers will receive in the end product.

With many Chinese manufacturers, sometimes there are breakdowns in quality.

If that happens you need to have your perfect sample handy. Show them that what they are giving you does not match it exactly. This will make it much easier to resolve quality issues.

#3 Look for a Manufacturer With Quality Control at Every Turn

Your manufacturer needs to show you the measures they take to ensure quality at every step. As your boards move from one part of the production process to the next, there should be quality checks in place. If the manufacturer can’t show you that they have those processes, you have a problem.

The Number One Secret to Ensuring Quality

Going it alone is tough.

You need to have someone you trust on the ground in China. This must be someone who knows how to work with the locals. They should speak the language. They should also be someone who is very clear in their communication with you.

Monitoring quality from the other side of the world is not going to cut it.

If you can’t physically be in China when problems arise, then you need someone who will be. Your partner can deal with any quality problems that come up so that you aren’t faced with endless headaches. They’ll be able to ensure that the factory is doing what they are supposed to do.

You should work with a partner who fully understands your needs and can work well with Chinese locals. When you do, you’ll end up with great quality PCBs. It will make your experience in China a successful one.

At Gabrian We Help Companies Like Yours to Make High-Quality PCBs in China

We’ve been on the ground in China for more than 20 years. Many successful companies have come to us to get the high-quality PCBs they need to launch their products.

Every member of our China-based team is fluent in both English and Chinese. Our equity partnership with a local PCB manufacturer allows us to ensure that our clients get the world-class PCBs they need and deserve.

Our customer list includes companies like Honeywell, Siemens, and GE. We pride ourselves on clear communication, high levels of quality and on-time deliveries.

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