Every day, Gabrian’s team in New Hampshire is helping customers like you to obtain the PCBs, Magnetics and Aluminum Extrusions they need for their end products, straight from our top-notch production facilities.

Let’s meet the 3 key players on Gabrian’s New Hampshire team:


#1 Julian Teeling – Director

With over 40 years of experience in materials management… Purchasing, logistics and sourcing, Julian has worked with companies in the aircraft manufacturing, automotive manufacturing and life safety equipment manufacturing industries.

He is one of the founders of Gabrian International Ltd. and got his start in Asia by sourcing products there in the mid 1980’s.

The wealth of experience he brings to the table enables him to lead a quality organization that can truly meet its customer’s requirements and achieve the lowest possible cost at high levels of quality.

Julian is extremely proud of the Gabrian team worldwide and looks forward to providing solutions to all our customers as we go forward.

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#2 Keith Morrow – Director Engineering

Having worked at Gabrian for over 10 years, Keith is another key figure whose experience truly enables us to better serve our customers. Prior to working for Gabrian, he spent 32 years engineering life and safety products and is even named on 3 patents.

He is a true professional with an ability to always ensure that the right parts are being used and that all of our clients engineering specs are in good order… And he is even able to work with our customers to develop new products.

He is a natural born engineer and his interest in electrical engineering first began with an interest in music. He is a retired bass guitar player, and he built his first audio amplifier in 1966.

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#3 Xiaowei Wang – Customer Service Manager

With 11 years of service at Gabrian, Xiaowei has truly proven herself to be an asset to the team and to our customers. Not only is she an effective manager of company budgeting, but she also engages with our customers in business and product development, vets potential suppliers and focuses on maintaining and improving our customer relationships.

Her ability to build quality relationships with our customers means she is highly in touch with their needs and this better enables her to make effective supplier decisions and ensure our clients are fully satisfied with the products they receive from us.

When she’s not busy with work, she enjoys taking advantage of New England’s great opportunities for hiking, cycling, skiing, and sailing. She also enjoys traveling and giving back to the community.

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