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Blog – Aluminum Extrusions

In our aluminum extrusion blog, we provide information on topics such as aluminum extrusion finishing & alloys, extruded heatsinks, and more.

Aluminum in the Automotive Industry: What You Need to Know

Aluminum in the Automotive Industry: What You Need to Know

  As the automotive industry has evolved over time, the materials used in production vehicles have changed. In recent years, we’ve seen the increased adoption of aluminum alloys for parts all over the automobile. This is due mainly to a desire for lightweighting,...

Blog – Printed Circuit Boards

In our printed circuit board blog we provide articles on topics such as surface finishing, assembly, manufacturer selection, cost savings, and more.

Case Study – Contract Manufacturing

Below is a contract manufacturing case study which describes our relationship with a long-time customer.

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White Paper – PCB Procurement

This white paper gives you 7 important questions to ask PCB manufacturers before you work with them.

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