Concept2, inc. Has partnered with Gabrian International since 2007 to develop successful, long term supply relationships with asian manufacturers in a variety of industries – from electronics to metal fabrications to plastics. Concept2 has found the manufacturers represented by Gabrian International to afford an ideal combination of fit and value, including quality consistency, on-time delivery, customer service and cost. Gabrian International is a highly regarded resource in the Concept2 supply chain.

Glenn Dwyer


Gabrian played an instrumental role in guiding us through our first days in China and we could not have asked for a better partner at the time. Their experience and guidance in the market helped to mitigate what could have been a grueling proposition and helped make our transition into China a successful one.

Andrew Foster

Director of Operations, Copernicus Educational Products

Faria has been developing supplies in China for about 12 years. We started working with Gabrian 7 years ago. Using their knowledge of suppliers in mainland China, they helped us find excellent high quality manufacturers at reduced cost. We were able to find suppliers faster and did not need to hire translators to show us around. I highly recommend using Gabrian’s expertise if you are considering expanding your supply base in China.

Dan Dion

Director of Purchasing, Faria Beede Instruments

We have used Gabrian for several years now and have been very happy. We would like to praise Gabrian for their continued good quality and customer support.

Peter Fazzone

Royce Industries