Finding the right manufacturer to make your magnetics or wire wound components takes effort.

Maybe you need a supplier of small, hand wound toroids. Maybe you need 200KVa power transformers.

Whatever the case, you’ll look for a supplier that runs a lean and professional operation. They’ll be able to produce your products in a cost-effective way. And those cost-savings will get passed on to you. They’ll also deliver your products on time.

Many modern, lean manufacturers use the Kanban system

The Kanban system was developed by Toyota in the 1950s to optimize its production system. “Kanban” is the Japanese word for signboard or billboard.

There are many different processes that go into making a product. Kanban helps to minimize the downtime that can happen between processes.

In the Kanban system, a “card” is assigned to every part that goes into the product.

When a worker pulls a part to use in production, they also pull the card associated with it. Every time a part gets pulled, it signals that there’s one less available. This information is used to automatically order more parts.

Parts get replenished in an efficient manner. So there is never a buildup of extra parts or a lack of parts. Things flow smoothly.

Toyota has 6 Rules for effective application of Kanban

1) Never pass on defective products

2) Take only what is needed

3) Produce the exact quantity required

4) Level the production

5) Fine-tune production

6) Stabilize and rationalize the process

You should look for a manufacturer that uses the Kanban System

With Kanban, parts get tracked meticulously. At any time, managers can see if there are hang-ups in the production process. And they can work to improve efficiency over time.

When manufacturers use this system and follow its rules, they can achieve great results. As they become more efficient and cost-effective, their customers reap the benefits.

When a manufacturer uses the Kanban system, it shows that their commitment to quality and efficiency will be able to meet your standards.

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