These 10 Massive Solar Farms Highlight a Growing Need For Aluminum Extrusions

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It’s no secret that the solar power industry is growing.

As countries make efforts to lower carbon emissions, renewable energy is becoming more attractive.

The US is investing in the development of solar technology.

The Department of Energy just announced that it is spending $18 million dollars to fund 6 new solar projects. These projects aim to improve solar technology and make it more cost effective.

Jobs in Solar Have Increased

In 2015 the solar industry added 35,000 new jobs in the US. That means there are more solar panel installers, designers, engineers, sales people and managers. The nation now has about 209,000 solar energy employees.

The Top 10 Solar Farms in the World

In recent years we’ve seen the development of many solar parks. They’ve been getting bigger and bigger. Countries like India, China and the USA have even larger projects on the way.

But for now, these 10 solar parks represent the largest in the world:

No. 1 – Charanka Solar Park (India)

Capacity: 600 MW

Year Completed: 2012

American center Mumbai

Image: American Center Mumbai

No. 2 – Solar Star (USA)

Capacity: 579 MW

Year Completed: 2015

No. 3 – Topaz Solar Farm (USA)

Capacity: 550 MW

Year Completed: 2014

No. 4 – Desert Sunlight Solar Farm (USA)

Capacity: 550 MW

Year Completed: 2015

No. 5 – Copper Mountain Solar Facility (USA)

Capacity: 458 MW

Year Completed: 2015

No. 6 – Longyangxia Dam Solar Park (China)

Capacity: 320 MW

Year Completed: 2013

No. 7 – Cestas Solar Farm (France)

Capacity: 300 MW

Year Completed: 2015

No. 8 – Agua Caliente Solar Project (USA)

Capacity: 290 MW

Year Completed: 2013

No. 9 – Antelope Valley Solar Ranch (USA)

Capacity: 266 MW

Year Completed: TBA

No. 10 – Mount Signal Solar (USA)

Capacity: 265 MW

Year Completed: 2014

Aluminum Extrusions Play a Key Role in Solar Projects

With the growth in solar comes a greater need for aluminum extrusions. They provide cost-effective mounting and racking solutions for solar power systems. Aluminum’s relative low cost is just one of the 6 key reasons aluminum extrusions have been chosen for many solar projects.

We anticipate that growth in the solar industry will continue to fuel demand for aluminum extrusions as time goes on.

At Gabrian we have the largest aluminum extrusions plant in India. We also have a strong interest in sustainability. That’s why we created a 12 MW wind power farm to meet all our energy requirements there.

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