Over the last few years the Internet of Things has spawned countless products.

We’ve seen smart lighting, smart speakers and smart watch launches all over the place. “Smart” products are seeing real success in the marketplace.

And there’s plenty more where that came from. According to many industry experts we’ll have 50 billion connected devices by 2020. We can expect to see plenty of innovative new products in the next few years.

One Exciting Innovation That Will Change Everything In the World of IoT

Over time our houses will become smarter. Our cars will become smarter.

And there is one area of development that will really help take things to the next level…  Machine learning.

When a machine can use past experience to make better judgments about how to behave, it’s learning. And sure, a machine can learn from all the experiences it has. But it can only learn so much by itself.

By connecting devices in the cloud it’s possible to take advantage of all the experiences devices around the world are having.

Over the next 3-5 years robots will be learning from each other. Doing jobs like packing items in warehouses and assisting bedridden patients is complex. It requires machines that can perform intricate and unplanned movements. By syncing up robots in the cloud they can share experiences and learn how to do these jobs faster.

Is Your Smart Coffee Maker Really Safe From Hackers?

Our homes are filling up with more and more smart devices. And many people are concerned about security.

Are IoT connected refrigerators, washing machines and ovens putting us at risk? Can hackers gain access to devices in our homes?

The MIT Media Lab hosted a two-day hackathon where they challenged 153 hackers to try and exploit weaknesses in smart devices.

Within one day they were able to take control of 25% of the devices in front of them. But there is good news here.

There are products coming out to prevent this problem. Devices like the Dojo home security solution can add a layer of security to the collection of smart devices in your home.

When the same 153 hackers tried to hack into the Dojo, they failed. They couldn’t gain access to the connected smart devices like they did before.

How To Bring Order To The Chaotic World Of IoT Standards

There is a lot of disorder inherent in the Internet of Things.

There are no common standards for system architecture. There are no open standards that make it easy for one device to connect to another.

According to Sanjay Sarma of MIT, we need to adopt IoT standards and bring order to the chaos.

He advocates for agreements on system architecture. He calls for the development of open standards. And he also suggests that the US government should create a “test bed” for best practices.

Such steps could take us into the future with a more unified approach to smart tech development. And as the IoT becomes an ever-greater part of people’s lives, it will help things to run much more smoothly.

Let’s get to innovating!

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