Imagine that your kids are at school.

One minute they’re sitting in a classroom, learning about volcanoes.

The next minute they’re transported to an actual volcano in the Pacific Ocean. They immediately start to appreciate what they’ve read in their textbook. It’s an amazing experience.

Now imagine you’re sitting at home.

One minute you’re on the couch flipping through TV channels.

The next you’re transported to Fiji, where you can relax on the beach. You feel calm and at ease. It’s a wonderful feeling.

Virtual Reality Technology is Making Amazing Progress

Virtual Reality headsets like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive are bringing us into a new era. The technology is finally at a commercially viable stage. And as the technology improves, it opens up more and more incredible possibilities.

What does the future hold for Virtual Reality technology?

Here Are 3 Interesting Ways The Virtual Reality Technology Industry Will Evolve:

#1 – You’ll be able to interact with the virtual environment more naturally.

Current headsets let you visually experience another place or time. They also let you hear what’s going on around you.

But the controls for these environments make them less realistic.

Companies like Leap Motion are trying to change that. With motion sensing technology they allow you to use your hands to directly affect your virtual environment.

As this type of motion technology improves it will make the VR experience more realistic.

Reach out and pick up that beach ball on your virtual white sand beach. Throw it to someone nearby. Feels just like you’re there.

#2 – Virtual Reality Headsets will have “eyeball tracking lasers.”

Companies like Eyefluence are working to develop eye-tracking systems for Virtual Reality and smart glasses.

Touching, tapping and swiping are unnatural ways to interact with a device that’s on your head. So, these systems will allow you to control your Virtual Reality device using only your eyes.

#3 – High-end headsets will eventually become wireless.

For now, headsets like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive keep you tethered to your computer. You’re like a dog on a leash.

But, eventually that will change.

The problem is that high-end Virtual Reality hardware is just not portable enough. But overtime, the hardware will become more compact. But for now, we’re just not there yet.

What are You Doing to Move Technology Forward?

The companies involved in Virtual Reality are changing the world.

In your industry you’re undoubtedly moving technology forward too. You’re bringing new ideas to fruition.

Take the time to imagine the possibilities and think about what’s next for your company and your industry.

What challenges will you solve? What innovations will you bring to life?