When you are in the market for PCBs or PCBAs there are plenty of suppliers to consider. Some will be more expensive. Some will be less expensive. But, regardless of the price, you should always consider the value you’re actually getting from them.

If you want higher quality there is no getting around the fact that there will be a higher price. But some high quality manufacturers will provide more competitive quotes than others.

One of the ways top suppliers stay competitive is by following “Lean Manufacturing” principles.

What is Lean Manufacturing?

Lean manufacturing is all about eliminating waste. Any waste in the production process needs to be identified. Once identified, it can be eliminated.

There are “7 Deadly Wastes” That We Can Identify. They are:

#1 – Overproduction

You make something before it is actually needed. You end up with excess inventory. You spend more money to store that inventory.

#2 – Waiting

One step of the production process is completed. You are not ready for the next. That time between processes is lost.

#3 – Transport

You finish one step in the process. You need to transport products somewhere else for the next. No value is added, but costs are incurred.

#4 – Motion

Excessive movement affects people and machines. Over time machines experience wear and tear. Humans get repetitive strain injuries.

#5 – Overprocessing

You do more processing on a product than needed. No value is added for the customer. You spend more money to complete each piece.

#6 – Inventory

You are holding more inventory than you need at the moment. Storing extra raw materials, work-in-process or finished goods incurs storage costs.

#7 – Defects

You produce some products and they come out defective. The products need to be scrapped. You waste time and labor to rework the products.

A Lean Manufacturer Focuses on Reducing and Eliminating These Wastes

Your ideal PCB or PCBA manufacturer is one that runs a clean and professional operation. They eliminate the 7 deadly wastes wherever they can. They pass on their cost savings to you.

When you work with them you get high quality products at competitive prices.

You are now able to make your end product high quality. And you save on your production costs.

It’s a great result any way you look at it.

At Gabrian We’re Committed to Reducing Waste

We have a lean manufacturing mindset. We strive to reduce waste wherever we can. We keep our costs as low as possible.

We are able to produce high quality PCBs and PCBAs and do so competitively.

Learn more about our PCB capabilities. Contact us with any questions. Request a quote.