Lately there has been a lot of buzz about a new countertop oven. It’s redefining what an oven should be and do. And it’s really heating things up in the smart technology space.

In case you didn’t guess, we’re talking about the June intelligent oven.

There are some impressive features packed into this new IoT device. The company released a YouTube video explaining how it works.

That video has earned more than 700,000 views so far.

June has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune and Wired. They’ve made it onto CNet and CNN.

So what could possibly be so special about an oven? Why has it been getting so much press?

5 Impressive Features That Make This Oven Amazingly Smart

#1 It has a quad-core CPU

June describes their oven as “a computer that cooks.” And hey… What better way to put the extra heat from the CPU to good use?

#2 It has eyes

With a full HD camera built into the top of the oven, you’ll always have a clear view.

#3 It knows what you are cooking

Once the camera sees your food, it recognizes it. The more you and other June users cook similar dishes, the better it gets at identifying food.

#4 It can cook better than you can

June has some nifty tricks up its sleeve. It’s weight sensors track the decline in weight of your food. The meat probe monitors internal temperature. It uses this information to adjust the way it cooks your food.

#5 It has it’s own app

You can receive alerts on your iPhone when food is ready. You can monitor cooking progress from your iPad. You can view June’s recipe archive. You can also receive a custom shopping list based on the food you’re scheduled to cook on your calendar.

The One Key Competitor That Will Really Challenge June

June isn’t the only game in town. A company called Tovala has come out with a less expensive smart oven. It’s designed with the busy professional in mind. And they’ve already reached their funding goal on Kickstarter.

It is able to switch automatically between steaming, baking, broiling and convection heating… All based on preset cooking instructions.

Tovala’s chefs put together high-quality ingredients. The ingredients are put into packages and sent to your door each week. You then put the food into your Tovala oven and let it do the cooking.

Cooking high-quality food just became much easier.

Smart Technology Will Make the Future of Cooking Amazing

The Internet of Things is creating incredible new possibilities. With tools like the June Oven and the Tovala Oven, the way you cook and eat will be changed forever.

Who knows what interesting new kitchen gadgets may show up in the future?

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